The Tarun Times — So Long Farewell, Au Revoir, auf wiedersehen

There were people and things that came in to my life this year and stuff that I had to say goodbye to… some permanent goodbyes and some temporary… until next time..

The ones for which I had to say goodbye for ever —

— My dearest feeding bottle!
— My little car seat!
— My old day care @ Seema’s
— Many of my little boy toys and clothes, hopefully some other kid is enjoying them now!
— My dear crib and "Bhalooo" the rotating mobile toy & the big green Jungle mobile…
— My mazhalai tone, designations for various rooms, I now call them by name 😉

Goodbye for the time being…

— My friends — Sripathi and Dansika, who I was starting to get along with, learning to share with, etc. Hope we meet again soon! Have fun in India!


The Tarun Times — Community & Friendships

Yo everyone! So, this will be the first of hopefully many writings this year! Happy 2010!

I made a lot of friends in 2009. Not surprising, I changed day care and also I began appreciating the art of friendship. In my old day care, like in many companies in the Bay Area, people began leaving, just me and Abhinav were left after Seema, my first and only day care taker under stress and decided to close shop. After a point, after my mommy sought several extensions, I was the only one left there. I made the rounds to a couple of day cares and even a pre-school. I wasn’t particularly comfy with any. Shortly after my 2nd birthday, which you would have read about here, I followed my friend Abhi into Anita’s "Magic Kingdom". I would come to know that the magic was generated by us kids and did not involve any shows.

I was a bit nervous joining in late into this setting where there were already several kids, some that seemed to be having fun and others, well not so sure. But I got settled in quickly. What was not to like? There was a nice springboard to jump up on while watching Barney or Rhymes on TV without inhibition. Whenever I tried to jump on the sofa, neither mommy nor daddy would look too happy. Soon enough I would get the "No No"…. But in the Magic Kingdom no blocks!

I was one of the elder ones in this day care, so I felt pressured to lead the proceedings! There was so much to do, so much to explore.. I got on to it rightaway! This is where my biggest friendship of the year began, not with a live child, but Thomas and all his Friends! I absolutely love the gang! My personal favorite is James, the only Red engine in Sodor! I adore him and his ever smiling face! Since then I have gotten introduced to several other tanks and express trains in the island. I’ve watched hours and hours of footage on Youtube, DVD and TV… I hope to see Sir Topham Hatt sometime live!

But back to human friends, Aneesh, Abhinav, Sripathi, and Charan were the guys and there were Dansika, Heetu and Diva (Hansika, Hitu and Diya). I always liked to play with elder guys and in this department, I had to recruit outside the day care, and I found Atoooul, Sidu and my cousin Chaamoo (Atul, Siddharth & Shyam). I spent quite a bit of time in knowing my cousin Seevani (Shivani), Sahith, Adeee (Aditya) and my community compatriots in Aarush and Arnav. My dad is quick to point out that many of my friends’ names begin either in A or S 😉

I met many others this year albeit for a brief while, hope to see them again before they and I both grow older, which we are getting quite fast! I met with Aatmika, Anirudh, Rohan, Manty (Mantara), Rohun and brand new Vividh. Sorry if I left out anyone… my memory is fading fast with so much ground to cover!!

It has been a fab year for friendships! I hope to form a lot more lasting relationships in the months of 2010!

The Tarun Times — Front Page

The Tarun Turns 2.5!

I turned 2.5 this week, several weeks and even months after my parents, particularly my mom kept saying I was whenever anyone asked me, "Oh… he’s a big boy, how old is he?".. she’d immediately say I was 2.5, even though I would be as much as 4 months away from that age. Gone are those days when I would get a cake or something each month, but the love I get on the 26th of each month is definitely something different from what I get on the remaining 27-30 days in the month. I still get that "Happy Birthday to you…" song each month. How many of you babies can claim that, after you are 30 months or more old?? Ok, enough self promotion for now.. until next page!

Politics — The Tarun Tells

The Tarun, that’s me, just got started on capitals of countries. My progress so far?
USA, California, Mexico, England and India (I get the last two mixed up quite a bit, much to the dismay of my parents) and sometimes Canada.
Can someone tell me what capitals actually mean and why they all can’t be as easy as Mexico or Brazil?

The Tarun Times — The Headlines

I don’t know where to begin, it has been such a long time! I almost forgot this place existed!!! So here goes, "The Tarun Times" 😉 It will have headlines, different news sections.. Lets hope it will be as interesting to you as it is to me!

Now the headlines…

The Tarun turned 2.5 this Dec 26th!

The Tarun can Talk English, Walk English, Sit English and Think English and also the same with Tamil and Hindi!

The Tarun has made several trips to the Zoo, just to see the Giraffe.

The Tarun loves music, he sings, drums, plays instruments and even creates tunes!

The Tarun switched day care and made a lot of new friends this year!

The Tarun is turning out to be quite an artist, but most of his ‘modern art’ is not yet understood.

The news in detail follows….

Bubbly Child!


The Fine art of Persuasion

Howdy! How’ve you guys been doing? Now, I maybe a big boy of 2, but is it too early to learn the art of persuasion? Opinions may differ, but me thinks, Nope! It is never too early to start training on persuasion considering the amount of variance that is needed to master it and make it work with different people.

For instance, the easier one is my mom. There are so many easy buttons I can use with her. Here’s the routine…

1. Start with a nudge to ask her for something.
2. If she ain’t gonna budge, I start calling out her name “Booba Booba”…
3. One of the tough days? Neither worked, then strain the Boooobaa with a hint of a cry…
4. She’s decided not to budge, so I’ve decided to get her to budge. I cry my heart out!
5. There’s no need for #5, so far #4 has had 100% success!

Now I know mom is reading, so even as I write this, I am inventing new ways to persuade her. My doctor figured this out long ago and was inconsiderate to call this fine art as Manipulation! My parents didn’t take that seriously though, thank them for that!

With Dad, I don’t need to go to #3 90% of the times, but sometimes, he’s just adamant. He can’t get his eyes off his laptop. Wonder what he keeps doing on it! Half the time, he’s just staring on a screen that has his picture on it! He’s typing something furiously at it and tries to distract me. He’s using my short term memory as a weapon. So, I decided to use some of my long term memory to defeat him! I pull out my ultimate asthra which has insofar never failed!

When #5 does not work….

#6 — Sit in a corner fiddling around with my toys right in front of him instead of in my play room, with an occasional glare to make him feel guilty.

#7 No?? What a stone hearted, self obsessed parent! Okay, since you’ve left me with no other options, I start muttering “Tu Mera Dil… Tu Meri Jaan” and then loudly… “Oh I love you Dadddy”,,,

That’s it, I can’t even complete my tune, he’ll rush to me, shower me with tens of kisses and attend to my needs!

See… its not that tough, you just gotta know how to nudge people and yes, have a backup plan if A does not work! Simple?

Fellow babies out there… Let me know how I can hone my persuasive skills if you know of other techniques!

Welcome to my new Home!


I’m turn 26 on the 26th! and to commemorate it, I have a new home on the web!

How do you like it? It is still work in progress and has mostly standard stuff, but the personalizations are certainly in the works!

Welcome and Hope to see you very often!